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Creating jewelry is a passion that speaks to the artist in me. The drive to nurture my creativity brought me to this incredible venture. It began as a hobby working mostly with beads and wire, but my constant search for growth and new techniques led me to metal smithing, stone setting and MOre and I've been hooked ever since.

riki jewelry Designs reflect my own personal style;  clean, modern, dainty and feminine with bold individuality.  my Suburban living and being surrounded by nature's GRACEFUL curves and geometric shapes, greatly influences My designs. the joy in uplifting others and seeing beauty in all is my driving force. most importantly, My three amazing boys are a constant inspiration and my most beautiful creations by far.

I love the process of connecting through my heart, handcrafting each piece with great care and attention to detail to reflect current trends, yet timeless enough that you will cherish and adore them as much as i do for years to come.

Riki jewelry is very versatile. The same simple piece can be worn in different ways, depending on it's owner and their current state of being. So go ahead, use rikis jewelry to express your personal unique style and creativity ... make it your own!!